A soulful symphony.

"The vocal performance is unbelievable. Your delivery is incredibly expressive and the sound of your voice is so distinctive. I can't help but think you've been influenced in one way or another by Nina Simone. The lyric seems incredibly sincere, and the hook is quite memorable. Gotta play it again before moving along. On this one it's sounds like you've adopted a completely different vocal persona. The performance is just as soulful, but now you sound like Mahalia Jackson or someone of that ilk (heavy gospel influence). Amara - You have the most amazing voice, and I'm amazed at your ability to change persona with such apparent ease. Both of these songs feature memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrical sentiments. The songs are well written and the performances sound amazing".
--Taxi, A&R Musical Review, Nashville, TN February 2012

"I have seen audiences mesmerized by the raw edged emotional intensity of her performances. The passion and vision of her vocal and piano work give intimacy a new authority."
- Denise Aileen, Portland film Co., Portland, OR

"About every twenty years an artist comes along who reaches deep inside herself for a song and then delivers that song deep inside the hearts of her audience. The result is a new sound, a new passion, an authenticity. Every producer searches years for such a passion in an artist and I have found it in Amara Grace."
- Eric Zanetis, Producer/Publisher, Nashville, TN

"Amara Grace is a true artist."
- Paul Gilman, Full Circle Music, Palm Springs, CA

"Amara's voice is like a gospel choir."
- Caroline Lyons, Ethnomusicologist, New York City

"Unique style, great power in her delivery."
- Pentacle Records, Laguna Beach, CA

"The message of Amara Grace's music creates a much needed better world. It is a privilege and a joy to walk through and be part of."
– Constance Cappos, Artist Promoter, Austin, TX

"Amara sings with a deep and powerful voice that touches you to your core. A one of a kind entertainer."
--Elfa - The Conway Muse, owner-

"Amara Grace is a prolific composer. Her voice is compelling…. a virtual hurricane."
- Paula Sullivan, Rapture Ridge, Bow, WA

"Amara's songs bear in a much needed idealism but are rooted in the complex realities we face today. Compositionally, they are entirely distinctive. Her music is bluesy, in that her voice is powerful raw soul, jazzy, in that her piano style is improvisational and pop in that her phrasings stay with you."
- Susan Gleason, Yes Magazine, Seattle, WA

"What happens when your heart moves and you feel a greater sense of creation? Amara! And the experience of a fully expressed soul shaping sounds and words anew… a necessary consciousness in building a world we can all love to live in… Music calling me out more like a ceremony than a song… Amara Grace will be heard far and wide for she has the true originality of a star."
- Silversong, internationally acclamaimed artist, visionary & founder of Honor Day.

Amara Grace—A Voice Like a Choir

 I was privileged last night to attend a concert and hear Amara Grace sing. Hers is neither ordinary voice, nor her songs anything you have heard before. She writes all her music, and it is upbeat, witty and fun. She pounds the keyboard with great big rhythmic chords. One reviewer likened her voice to a choir. It has that kind of power. Which, seems odd, coming from a small person. It seemed to me as I sat and listened that she did not own her voice but instead her voice owned her. The musical performance took place in Ruth's gallery on Broadway. About 75 chairs had been brought in. It wasn't enough. There were 25 or more standees, and when Amara finished her hour-and-a-half recital there were more than 100 stood in mesmerized applause.You can get some sense of her—but not the full power or her voice or presence— by going to her website: And here's a pretty good You Tube video of Amara doing Fish and Bicycle from her latest CD.  Also, check out the title song on that CD, Can't Keep a Sunrise Down, by going to her website song page. She's amazing. I guarantee she won't disappoint. 

Amara Grace

An amazing voice for such a soft spoken person. Very talented singer/songwriter. I am very impressed with her virtuosity.
- Mike Hansen, Washington Sips- La Conner WA

"I think her voice is like a cross between Eartha Kitt, Janis Joplin and Big Mama Thorton. Soulful, sex kitten and growl. As real and raw
and powerful you can get and it never gets old."
- Mike Hanson - Washington Sips, La Conner, WA